Sam Demas is a “must have”. He brings vast knowledge of libraries, and extraordinary people skills to the task of preparing for the 21st century libraries of the future.

Debbie Freund
President Claremont Graduate University and Lead President for Claremont Colleges Library

Sam Demas is a terrific listener who can weave myriad organizational and operational details into a meaningful whole. He is also a compelling communicator with a great deal of wisdom about and passion for libraries. As a former library director, he brings both strategic and practical perspectives to his consulting work. He is at once curious and respectful. We have had the great privilege to collaborate with Sam on multiple projects and we enthusiastically endorse his work.

Ruth Fischer and Rick Lugg
Partners, R2 Consulting, LLC

Our consultation project was ambitious. We needed to finish our strategic plan, perform an organizational review, and start a workflow analysis. In one semester, Sam led us through all three projects. It was exhausting! However, Sam’s leadership was energizing and the result was just what we needed to move our organization forward.

Karen Reilly, Associate Director, Libraries of the College of the Holy Cross.

Sam facilitated a strategic planning session for ConnectNY, a consortium that shares collections and advanced resource sharing systems, in New York state. Sam was tasked with the job of helping us to come to consensus around the strategy of focusing on e-books as a collection priority in the years ahead. Sam came well prepared and really helped everyone have a say in the discussion. There were 15 library directors in the room, so it was no small accomplishment. I feel certain that ConnectNY will avail itself of Sam’s services in the future and I think I speak for all the directors involved when I say that we look forward to working with him down the road”

Bart Harloe
Executive Director, ConnectNY

Sam did an excellent job in framing an agenda for the day that matched our needs and he was an even more effective facilitator.  In the words of one of my staff members, Sam “was inclusive and supportive and had a gentle way of keeping us on track.” …….Sam also brings a voice of respected experience, and his ability to add to the discussion based on his own experiences in a meaningful and thoughtful manner was an additional benefit…..

Our retreat was highly successful, and the enthusiasm generated by the discussions led by Sam has helped ensure that we are on a firm foundation to make the necessary changes.  I can highly recommend Sam as an excellent and effective facilitator for academic libraries who are engaged in organizational change.

Terri Fishel
Library Director, Macalester College

Sam worked with us on strategic planning during a particularly stressful time for our library. He responded to our immediate concerns, but gently kept us on task. After two days, we have a solid draft of a new plan. As we face future challenges, I would be happy if I could put Sam “on retainer” to assist us! Sam is very knowledgeable and, as the name of his firm denotes, highly collaborative in his approach. I couldn’t have imagined a better facilitator.

Carla Tracy
Director, Thomas Tredway Library, Augustana College

Sam Demas served as an external reviewer for our library’s ten-year review, and we invited him back for a two-day workshop focused on organizational development. He did a super job each time. Sam has a wealth of experience and an engaging personality. He seeks to collaborate with his clients within their unique settings, rather than impose one-size-fits-all solutions. The library staff ended our workshop with confidence that we can accomplish greater things together for the good of our college, and we know the next steps to take.

Lisa Richmond
Library Director, Wheaton College


Sam was wonderful.  We were a little embarrassed by the sheer number of gift books that we have in need of processing, but Sam took it all in stride and helped us to frame the policies and procedures needed to handle this situation.  He visited with staff, and asked questions that made us think, but never made us feel intimidated.  Sam listened very well, and this was reflected in his review of the situation.  The staff felt very comfortable talking with Sam, and their suggestions were always reviewed and considered.  This was definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

Darlene Brooks

Library Director, Rhodes College