Program and Community Development

What makes a library program effective is the extent to which it dynamically reflects, supports, and engages the communities it serves in performing its mission.  My view is that academic libraries are active agents in community-building and essential components of the academic enterprises they serve.  Aligning library resources and services with community needs is an ongoing process that benefits from regular infusions of outside perspective in addition to continual engagement of constituents.

My practice in advising and assisting in program development is based on my work experience as a library administrator at several very different institutions — Goddard College, Cornell University and Carleton College — and consulting with a range of colleges and universities.  In working with academic libraries, I can manage complex decision-making processes and help to develop and manage institution-specific approaches to enriching, focusing and customizing library programs to meet needs in a wide range of areas, such as:

  • integrating information literacy into the curriculum,
  • strategies for supporting curricular initiatives of the faculty,
  • liaison and research consultation programs,
  • marketing library services and public relations,
  • art and exhibitions programs tied to the curriculum,
  • faculty outreach and relations,
  • fostering campus-wide coordinated curricular support,
  • developing learning commons and information commons,
  • tailoring collection development and management programs to specific communities,
  • developing digital library programs and managing hybrid collections,
  • exposing hidden collections and developing programs for scanning unique content,
  • cooperative collection development,
  • integrating artists’ books into the collection and teaching programs of the library,
  • initiating special collections teaching and programming,
  • supporting archives development,
  • unifying archives and library program development,
  • library/IT partnerships
  • consortial development