My practice focuses primarily on academic library organizational development and collection management.

I enjoy working with libraries on strategic planning, strengthening organizational culture and esprit de corps, and re-designing organizational structures and workflows to increase staff capacity,  job satisfaction, and organizational effectiveness.

Developing and managing college and research library collections is a long-time passion.  I am particularly interested in aiding in the transition to hybrid digital and print collections, and to thoughtful management of legacy print collections in a shared collections context.

Facilitation, process management and research to inform decision-making are my primary services.  I have found that I can apply them in addressing a wide range of academic library challenges.

My approaches are creative, customized and flexible, so feel free to contact me about how I might be able to assist with challenges and opportunities not specifically addressed in these pages.  I will never take assignments I am not qualified to fulfill and for which I am not sure I can offer real value added.